Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year!

Fall is my favorite time of year!

Time for canning fruits of the harvest -
corn, tomatoes, cucumbers (pickles)
anything that will keep in a jar ...

Beautiful - Wonderful Fall - Enjoy!!!!


All summer I canned salsa and spaghetti sauce

and passed it around to family and friends.

Kosher - Lime & Bread and Butter Pickles

Silver Queen Corn

Fall means apples from trees so tall
Makings for a batch of good ole'
Apple Butter!!! Yummmmm Yummmmm!
Kenzie, my taste tester -

She thoroughly enjoyed the masher before it went in the sink!
Cleaned it all the way to the end...
Can't help but think about Grandma and her garden...
Vegetables planted for canning and freezing -
I know I took after her - "Thanks, Grandma"
Grandma’s Veggie Garden

Up so early in the morning
Before the sun begins to rise
Stretching, yawning sleepily
Splashing water to my eyes
Breakfast feast is on the table
Grandpa seated in his chair
Oh such a glorious feeling
Welcomed spring is in the air
Down the food and clean the dishes
Out the door we go
Grandma is ready for the planting
While Grandpa works the hoe
My job now is to follow along
With a bucket of water and a dipper
Birdies singing in the trees
Makes us all feel so chipper!
Throughout the summer
We hoe and weed
To care for the cultured land
Plants of all kind are growing
At the sun and rains’ command
Now the time has come to pick
Bending, stretching what a bargain
With pure delight of our finds
From Grandma’s veggie garden.

~Sylvia Allison


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