Friday, July 3, 2009

When I Needed You... (click here)

You know sometimes I feel if my brother would face the facts and apologize for some of his ways and actions towards his family (his sisters) - maybe his life would be a little better. Without all the conflicts and emotional heartaches he challenges from day to day. I love this man with all my heart and yet he denies me even as a sister! Well, I remember most of the poems I wrote when I had to be Moms' care giver and he never helped and I am now bitter as I was then. He pretended all was well the day we buried Mama and stabbed me in the heart again for the last time! It will take a lot for me to try and forgive, but I can't promise anything - I may get Alzheimer's and forget - yet my feelings are written and saved. God bless anyone who has a family member that can actually ride all around you, walk right next time to you and not even acknowledge you...God forbid this happens to you!!!!

A Housecoat for Mom!

As we celebrated Mom on Mothers` Day
A gift from her son in a fashioned way
Mom’s not able to open presents now
It`s sad to know she doesn`t know how
If she really knew who her present was from
She`d say, "oh, it`s a housecoat for Mom!"
If you`d only come to see her now and then
You would know the kind of gifts to send
Mom doesn`t wear housecoats anymore
She needs something warm as she paces the floor
If you only knew of the things she could use
There`s a lot of gifts you could choose
We celebrate another day for bearing presents
With her soft warm smile and thoughts so pleasant
She`ll be looking for your gift and who it`s from
Knowing it`s always "a housecoat for mom!"

Sylvia Allison

You May Run But You Can`t Hide

Someday you may wake up and easily find
You have forgotten you`re losing your mind
Someone was here for you with arms open wide
You may run but you can`t hide.
You’ll be sorry you left us and I’m sure you will
For one day you may find your world standing still
Your mom raised you and stood by your side
You may run but you can`t hide.
In years to come you’ll see you were wrong
That your mom just needed to belong
Never let you down although she cried
You may run but you can’t hide.
So think of it brother you are her son
She just wanted to love you and needed someone
She may have forgotten but Mom had her pride
You may run but you can`t hide.

~Sylvia Allison

It’s Too Late Now

After watching mama suffering so
Many places she could go
Sisters shared the caregiving somehow
Why dear brother, it’s too late now.
You sat back while we all worried
In our daily lives being rushed and hurried
Never cared if we wiped a brow
Sorry dear brother, it’s too late now.
The time has come for mama to leave my home
So many times I felt alone
Now you come in and want to take a bow
Think dear brother, it’s too late now.
One day you may think about this and see
What your ignoring did to me
You’ll stand outside that Pearly Gate
Think dear brother, before it’s too late.

~Sylvia Allison

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom 2/10/09 (click here)

Celebrating in Heaven…

Today is the birthday of our Mother, so dear
In our hearts we mourn her so
Memories of our loved one we hold so near
Never wanting to let her go
Hold on to her hand ever so tight
Dear loved ones who have gone before
While she celebrates in Heaven tonight
Our dear Mother whom we all adore
She'll watch down while we are at her grave
Placing flowers to commend her birth
She was loving, gentle and oh so brave
While she spent her time here on earth
Vickie, hold her tight and give her a kiss
From all of us left behind
We know she is happy and in pure bliss
She is free now and not confined
Her memory returned to her that sad, cold night
When God called this angel to stay
To dwell in Heaven with all of you tonight
Celebrating today, her birthday!

Happy 89th Birthday, Mama
We love you and miss you-
Judy, PeeWee, Sylvia (Tip)and Elaine

Fond memories of a loving Mother in pictures of long ago -

This is on Christmas Day 1972 after a gathering of all the family at the Alamance Lutheran Church Clubhouse in Alamance, North Carolina - oh the times we as a family had spending Christmas dinners there with loved ones. So many years have passed by - times have changed; families don't gather as they did in earlier times. It was the utmost importance to our mother we always visit and do things together - as a family - we do try and do things together always and for Mama ...

*When the day came and God called you home
You remembered then where you came from
You remembered your life and all of your years
You're now in Heaven without any fears -

Grief is a journey -
Not a destination...

Mom for my life...

In Memory of Caylee Marie Anthony
God bless little Caylee and her family as they finally get a closure to say their "Goodbyes" and put this dear little girl to rest. Such a tragedy and the impact it has had on all our hearts as this case unfolds with suspicions daily. May all who have harmed this child get just what they deserve...
Rest In Peace -
Caylee Marie Anthony

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hopefully a "New Beginning" for this country!
Barack & Michele Obama

``Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions — that time has surely passed,'' Obama said. ``Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.''
Obama spoke of a ``new era of responsibility'' and of ``our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.''
``At these moments,'' he told the nation, ``America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.''
He spoke of himself as ``a man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant'' yet one who now could take its most sacred oath.

Ladies and Gentlemen; our new President -
Barack Obama with his first lady and family beside him
now begins to take on the task of trying to get
America back the way she used to be ...
Good Luck & God Bless You, Mr. President.

On this special day in the history of the United States - Senator Ted Kennedy had a seizure during the innagural luncheon with President and The First Lady. I pray for his speedy recovery and that he will soon be well.
Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., ``It took a lot out of him. Seizures are exhausting.'' Even so, Dodd quoted Kennedy as saying, ``I'll be OK, I'll see you later'' as he was put into the ambulance. ``The good news is he's gonna be fine,'' Dodd added.

T0day exactly 48 years ago, John F. Kennedy was sworn in as President on January 20, 1961... May he rest in peace.

President Obama and the First Lady walks along the parade route to the White House greeting the people who braved the cold weather to be there and get a glimpse of this day of history.


Today here in North Carolina after threats of snow all night, we woke up to a little over an inch. Enough to close the schools leaving my granddaughter here today to be entertained.
We pulled out a few magazines and cutter and glue and along with toothpicks and our imaginations we made paper beads. She was so into this project we made about 20 of these little items and of course I am in anticipation of watching the swearing in of Obama, I left her there to make her own. Really she did good and took everything home with her to make more. Shamefully I didn't get a picture today but I will make one of her finished project; a necklace for her mom. Be watching for them!

A Pondering Thought -

Who ever reads this -
I would like to know your opinion of
Ann Coulter
how you feel about her and if she bothers
you in any way with her writings of sorts.
I am apalled of her actions and statements on
"The View"
Please leave a comment or two:
Just pondering here a bit!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Off, The Cast Is Gone! Kids At Play!

Kiara and without her cast -
Fun at the park - what a blast!
Kenzie's a little dare devil having fun -

Two playing together and full of action ...

Swinging Kenzie takes a load off of me -

Oh no, no monkey bars, Kiara or Katie!!!!

These photos were made Monday, October 6th, the day Kiara got her cast wet taking a bath. Out of concern for problems I took Kiara to Durham to the doctor so it could be checked. Much to my surprise the break had healed and the cast taken off - Yeah, much freedom to Kiara and look where we ended up after picking up Katie after school!


More jewelry to see -

Jungle Green - 8" Bracelet

The look of this bracelet made with two different shades of green and silver spacers was an idea after spending the day with a few of my little ones. I have to sometimes call them " my little monkeys" the way they climb and play.

Smokey Ice - 18" Necklace

I love the smokey look of the beads in this necklace, accented with small black shiny beads and clear with a touch of black seed beads sets this necklace off for an elegant look for any evening out or for the office!

Champagne And Pearls - 7 1/2" Bracelet

A delightful looking bracelet on anyones' wrist made with cream colored pearls and champagne crystal beads.

Rootbeer Float - 18" Necklace

Made with brown and beige beads accented with rootbeer colored spacers. This reminds of the sixties when I was a young girl going to the Davis St. Pharmacy on Sunday afternoons with my cousins and sisters to get an ice cream cone or a famous 'Rootbeer Float'.




Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update: New Cast 9/18/08

My little granddaughter, Kiara, that little monkey I wrote about earlier who had broken her arm playing on the monkey bars at after-school care. This being her second day of kindergarten successfully had broken her little wrist, having to have surgery to reset it. She made it without incident for 3 weeks of anything happening to the pink cast she was wearing -
Today, September 18th - we made a trip to Durham where her Mommy works and got a new cast, xrays and award! Everything is healing well except for a little swelling and a bruise - she is doing great! All in one setting!

I want to personally "Thank" all who participated in the care for my "Lil' BooBoo" - and a big "Thanks" to Julia's bestfriend, Jennifer Bryd, without her holding Kiara and Mawmaw crying we would probably still be there -hehehe!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year!

Fall is my favorite time of year!

Time for canning fruits of the harvest -
corn, tomatoes, cucumbers (pickles)
anything that will keep in a jar ...

Beautiful - Wonderful Fall - Enjoy!!!!


All summer I canned salsa and spaghetti sauce

and passed it around to family and friends.

Kosher - Lime & Bread and Butter Pickles

Silver Queen Corn

Fall means apples from trees so tall
Makings for a batch of good ole'
Apple Butter!!! Yummmmm Yummmmm!
Kenzie, my taste tester -

She thoroughly enjoyed the masher before it went in the sink!
Cleaned it all the way to the end...
Can't help but think about Grandma and her garden...
Vegetables planted for canning and freezing -
I know I took after her - "Thanks, Grandma"
Grandma’s Veggie Garden

Up so early in the morning
Before the sun begins to rise
Stretching, yawning sleepily
Splashing water to my eyes
Breakfast feast is on the table
Grandpa seated in his chair
Oh such a glorious feeling
Welcomed spring is in the air
Down the food and clean the dishes
Out the door we go
Grandma is ready for the planting
While Grandpa works the hoe
My job now is to follow along
With a bucket of water and a dipper
Birdies singing in the trees
Makes us all feel so chipper!
Throughout the summer
We hoe and weed
To care for the cultured land
Plants of all kind are growing
At the sun and rains’ command
Now the time has come to pick
Bending, stretching what a bargain
With pure delight of our finds
From Grandma’s veggie garden.

~Sylvia Allison